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At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, living in Berlin, Bruno joins the theater troupe NO FOURTH WALL as a composer, creating and performing on stage the music for their shows "Easywhy" and "Lux Páramo". Soon he will create the music for "My hands. My mother´s".

Bruno Tambascio (Caracas, 1980) is a Spanish composer/musical arranger/producer, who has managed to gather ample experience in projects that have been mass released, in spite of his young age.
With a degree in Recorder Flute and Early Music by Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid under his belt, and holding an additional degree in Musical Education by Universidad Autónoma, his studies have included subjects such as harmony, counterpoint and composition, plus instrumental specializations in guitar, flute and piano.

His professional musical trajectory began in the year 2000, when he started to become
involved in theater tours during his initial period as a performer.
This lead him to perform musically in shows such as The Merry Wives of Windsor, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Zorba the Greek and Querellas Ante el Dios Amor, which toured
throughout Spain and parts of South America. Simultaneously, he developed a solid
proficiency regarding the technical aspect of things, which combined with his musical
knowledge eventually lead him to be hired as Stage Manager and Maestro Interno at
Spanish opera houses Gran Teatro del Liceu (Barcelona), and Teatro Real (Madrid), a position he has maintained throughout the years,and currently holds.

In 2004, he began to receive professional orders as a musical composer. It is at that time
that he composed songs for the theater play In Love But Discreet,by Lope de Vega
(Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro/ SMU, Dallas). He then composed for Antonio García Gutiérrez's El Trovador. Next he wrote and showcased his own original piece of musical theater: Ludwig, The Swan King; a one man show backed by a vocal chorus and an instrumental quintet. In 2007 he traveled to Buenos Aires, where he was sponsored by Instituto de Cultura Indígena, through his director Juan Namuncurá (founder of the Latin Grammys, winner of the National Award for Theater in Argentina for best composer), for the development of the opera rock Proyecto Abyecto, which was to go on tour throughout the American continent with the sponsorship of said institute.
In 2010 he composed the soundtrack for a stage version of Frankenstein, which toured
Spain and Italy, and premiered in Teatros del Canal (Madrid). Later on, the production
company Kung Fusion Events entrusted him to compose Madre Tierra, a musical show
for children.
As an audiovisual composer, he scored soundtracks for short films such as El Regalo
(selected by numerous European festivals), and De Qué Tienes Miedo, Best Documentary
Short Film Award winner at "Cinemobile" festival (Sevilla) and at "Quartmetrages"
(Valencia). He then touched on the world of advertising, and composed the soundtrack for
the "Making Of " of the Access All Areas campaign for AMG-Mercedes Benz in China.

He also participated in the Visibilidad Trans campaign, by Fundación Triángulo; and
composed the musical soundtrack for the video game trailer of Orc Attack, winner of the Audience's Award at the renowned Indie Showcase in Brighton.
Later he composed the original soundtrack for the documentary film Where is home? by
Nutopia, which premiered in summer 2012 on National Television (Canada). As a
musical arranger, he also managed to undertake the revision and re-orchestration of two
musical pieces from the zarzuela Luisa Fernanda by Moreno Torroba, the musical score
for which was lost, and had prevented the show from being staged since its original
premiere in 1932.
As a music producer/arranger he then took on the transformation of several known opera
pieces in 2011/2012 in collaboration with the Peruvian singer Sara Van.
Their daring and innovative approach led this project to considerable recognition from renown
ed and well-respected personalities in the spanish opera and musical critic environment.
At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, living in Berlin, he collaborates as lead
singer with the band Novagatos, and participates with the project Berlin con mucho arte
running a series of experimental concerts for their venue, Kleiner Salon.

As a part of his period in Germany, he elaborates as well music on the dancing project
Sounds for Multiverse for the showcase Upcoming Choreographers, in Mainz.
On September 2013, he gets back to Madrid to compose the big scale musical Pinocchio, premiered in Palacio de Congresos (Sevilla), on December 6th, 2013, and still touring
throughout Spain.
In 2014 he began to collaborate as an arranger for the Big Band of the prestigious
Humboldt Universität of Berlin, singing also in various of their performances. In
September of that very year, he composed and directed the music for the theater play
El loco de los balcones from peruvian Nobel prize Mario Vargas Llosa, premiering at
Teatro Español de Madrid with José Sacristán as leading actor, and obtaining universal
claim from both audience and critics.
His last work to the date was the musical direction for Sondheim’s A funny thing
happened on the way to the forum on the International Festival Veranos de la Villa 2015,
where he conducted a 19 musicians orchestra in a show with 20 performers on stage,
including singers, actors and dancers.

Music, Composition, Arranger