We want to put such a brain on stage.

Theater, film, philosophy, dance and music will simultaneously fight for your attention and you´ll be asked to find your own point of view; not only mentally, but also physically. Get ready for a trip on special ‘seats’ with our new corporate airline: “Easywhy”.

What is commonly understood as an illness is really, rather, a point of view that makes sharing one’s truth with others impossible – but which can nevertheless serve as a key to incredibly rich new worlds. After all, what defines the common truth? Reality is only the totality of different points of view upon reality, that which most people agree is the truth. We want to recover another truth, mental illness, which has lost the battle to history.

Assuming what is real is what can be conveyed, we bombard you with all our entwined thoughts, and together, it should be easy to discover what is true, right?
And, if not, then let´s forget what they say about us all sharing the same language.