Music /Sound composition, Music Instrument

Born in León, Spain, Artur Vidal grew up in Paris, where he completed his degree in Art History at the University of Paris I Sorbonne. His musical studies include workshops and courses with Francisco López, Lê Quan Ninh, Fred Frith and Eddie Prevost, with on-site work in Capadoccia, the Amazon, Paris and Trièves, among others. His sound-art work revolves around field recordings, dance, “site-specific” works and improvised music, for which he is currently developing a new setup involving electro-acoustic manipulation of the alto saxophone and amplified objects. He is currently active in Spain, France, Turkey, Mexico, and Czech Republic, including performances with his duo, Relentless, and collaborations with musicians such as Ingar Zach, Wade Matthews, Thanos Chrysakis and Alexander Bruck, among others.