I know It looks pathetic and desperate.I know quite well that what I am gonna tell you is regarded as obscene, that it´ s even close to saying , “Do you like me?. Please like me”, ...but ...please, ...please!, listen to me!.You can sit here with me or leave me alone, so decide.

"Pop quiz: almost an octet" is about making decisions, about this two options in almost everything and the impossibility of taking the advantages of both. It is about how we transform our stories so when we ask the listener he would always take the same choise as we did.We need allies,people that prove us right, people at our side and sometimes just someone that listens and nods...or even only listens.

The latent pathos in the staging serve to narrate how funny our own failure can turn out if we are able to accept it with humour.

acting BERLIN:
Susanne Meyer
Anna Maceda Corihuanca
Daniela Lucato
Ida Sons

acting FRANKFURT (O):
Lukas Rüppel
Ida Sons

costume design:
Alessandra Pallotta

Jan-Phillipp Sonnenberg

graphic design:
Virginia Gutiérrez

text adaptation from
David Foster Wallace:
Adela Bravo Sauras

co-director / scenographer:
Anja Stachelscheid

Adela Bravo Sauras



Fotos: Joerg Frank

pop quiz_diashow_1  

pop quiz_diashow_2  

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