In june 2009 together with Anja Stachelscheid she grounded the group No Fourth Wall. They build together the installations for the projects.

Adela has been the director of “Lorca was a Doppelgänger”, “Pop quiz, almost an octet”, “What are you doing after the orgy?” , “Metalogues” , "In a whale´s jaw", "36, a plot´s kermesse", "Easywhy, I think too much therefore I am sick", "Peep now, chosen loneliness", "Lux Páramo", "Voy a cuidarte", "Ipsagon" and the co-director of “No exit”. She has also done either the dramaturgy or text adaptation of these projects and performed in "Ipsagon", "Easywhy, I think too much therefore I am sick", "In a whale´s jaw", “Metalogues”, “Lorca was a Doppelgänger” and “No exit”.
Soon she will direct "My hands. My mother´s".

Idea, Directing, Architectonic installation, Stage space, Dramaturgy, Acting, Competition